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Disclaimer about KLAOS​


KLAOS is a parachain on the Kusama network and serves as a testing ground for "LAOS," which is slated for launch on the Polkadot network.


The native currency of KLAOS is to be utilized strictly for testing purposes and should not be considered as having any monetary value. Users are advised to treat transactions and balances within KLAOS as purely for experimental and developmental use. The currency is issued in this context to facilitate testing and development, and its use beyond this scope is neither intended nor endorsed. KLAOS is not endorsed by the LAOS Foundation nor Freeverse for real-value transactions involving the KLAOS token. Neither the LAOS Foundation nor Freeverse assume any liability for any form of value attributed to the KLAOS currency or for any financial activities undertaken by users within or in relation to the KLAOS network.


By interacting with the KLAOS network, users acknowledge the experimental nature of the platform and agree to bear all the risks associated with the use of a testnet environment. Freeverse's involvement in KLAOS is limited to providing a testing framework for LAOS and does not constitute an offer or solicitation for investment.


Please proceed with the understanding that the KLAOS parachain is a test environment, and treat all features and assets therein accordingly.

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